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Zaghouan and Thuburbo Majus 
Culture, mountains and farmland

  • Offered Daily

  • 8 Hours

  • From 120 € (price varies by group size)

Thuburbo Majus.jpg



Embark the coach for a full day excursion by driving 75 minutes to the Roman archeological site of Thuborbo Majus. Surrounded by shimmering wheat fields and olive groves like those that made its fortune, Thuburbo Majus has a prosperous air even in its ruinous state. This site has partially been excavated and is dotted with many buildings, mostly monumental. Take a guided walk inside the archeological site.  Visit the Capitole with four full-length fluted Corinthian columns that dominates the site. The four giant reconstructed pillars of veined pink marble marking the entrance to the temple, which honours the Capitoline Triad: Jupiter, the king of the gods; Juno, his wife; and Jupiter’s daughter Minerva, the goddess of music, poetry, medicine and wisdom. The Temple of Peace holds a few stone bas-reliefs, including one of Pegasus. Other highlights include the unusual Temple of Mercury, Temple of Peace, Temple of Caelestis, Palaestra of the Petronii, summer and winter baths and much more.


Re-board the coach for a 30 minute drive to the peaceful town of Zaghouan on the northern side of the Tunisian Dorsal Mountains featuring shimmering wheat fields and olive groves. This follows with a visit at Dar Zaghouan farm, the first ecological farm in Tunisia where a guided visit of the local workshop, Andalusian pastry, Berber bread, cheese, vegetable garden, traditional oil mill and medical plant distillation are seen. This guided tour is followed by lunch that offers Tunisian farm faire consisting of Berber bread, farm salad, grilled vegetables, couscous and fish.


Following lunch,you may choose one of the actvicites that our host are providing, horseback riding, kayak, quad tour ..... , before 1 hour drive back to your location .

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