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Roman Urbanism

Explore Bulla Regia & Dougga World Heritage site

  • Offered Daily

  • 8 Hours

  • From 110 € (price varies by group size)

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Tour description

Depart for the scenic, approximately 140-minute drive to Bulla Regia where you will have the experience of exploring complete, superbly preserved villas is quite incredible; Bulla Regia remains a unique Roman city in having two-storey dwellings with one floor underground

After that drive to Dougga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Tebersouk Mountains of Tunisia. It’s most prominent ruins are Roman, built during the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, and include its remarkably intact Capitol building, a theatre and its Licinian Baths. Enjoy the views of the surrounding olive trees found in the area. The ruins are reckoned to be the best preserved example of an Africo-Roman town in North Africa. Marvel at the excellent state of conservation of most of the monuments as your guide brings the city to life. Some monuments such as the Capitole and Theatre have been “restored to their upright position”.

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