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On The Wine Routes
Bardo Museum and Bou Argoub Winery

  • Offered Daily

  • 8 Hours

  • From 110 (price varies by group size)




Drive to the Bardo Museum housed in the former Bardo Palace,  the collection is broken down into sections that cover the Carthaginian, Roman, early Christian and Arab-Islamic eras. The Roman collection contains one of the finest collections of Roman mosaics and statuary anywhere. An impressive building with tiled walls and decorative wooden ceilings. The Bardo Museum is famous for its wide collection on mosaics and major finds from Carthage, early Christian and Muslim relics.


Re-board the coach for a 1 hour drive to chateau Bacchus in BOU ARGOUB, an agricultural area mostly known for its wineries.

Upon Arrival a hike is made around the castle and Bacchus vineyard and the Mussolini Palace. After that you will enjoy an Exhibition on viticulture and presentation on the different kinds of wines with a wine tasting and appetizers followed by a typical lunch .

Following your visit, re-board your coach and commence the approximately 1h 15-minute drive back to your location in Tunis.

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