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Treasures of Uthina
 Uthina Site and Elexir Farm

  • Offered Daily

  • 8 Hours

  • From 120 € (price varies by group size)



Experience the spectacular historical treasures that Tunisia has to offer and Start the day with an exploration of Uthina archeological site.

Not much is known about Uthina, but the city had one of North Africa's largest Roman amphitheatres, enjoyed by its cosmopolitan residents in the city's 2nd-century heyday, and it's still the biggest draw for today's traveller.

Take a guided walk inside the archeological site and visit the nearly fully restored Hadrian-era amphitheatre was dug into the hillside and could hold about 16,000 spectators, the grand Capitole, pinned down on one side by five partially reconstructed columns, baths of the Laberii, which take their name from an inscription found on a mosaic of Orpheus charming the animals, now in the Bardo Museum in Tunis. The nearby Fishing Angels Baths still has a fine semi-circular wall mosaic in situ, depicting cherubs casting poles and nets into a fish-laden stream.

After that , we will drive to the family farm a fertile valley over 94 hectares where market gardening, arboriculture and cereal crops alternate, certified organic. You will taste some bio product of the farm and start Hiking in the forest to pick eucalyptus leaves. and attend a workhop of eucalyptus destillation to comes home with a small bottle of eucalyptus hydrosol.

After that you will enjoy a typical lunch with local followed by Detox break with herbal teas prepared with herbs from the Farm before re-boarding the coach and drive back to your location

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