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Hiking Xperience

Trek the Trails of Tunisia: A Journey of Culture, History and Nature
6 days 
From 790 € 

Private Tour - Fully customisable
Available in EN - ES - FR - AR - IT - DE

  • Private air conditioned tansportation 
  • Accomodation 3/4/5 stars
  • Meals = Breakfast, lunch, dinner (depending on hotel category) 
  • Licensed private guide 
  • Airport transfers in & out
  • All entrance fees to sites
  • All taxes
  • Internet access  

Tour description

Embark on an adventure like no other with our Hiking Xperience tour of Tunisia. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of Tunisia's culture, history, and nature as you hike through the picturesque hills of Zaghouan and explore the ancient ruins of Bulla Regia and Uthina. Uncover the secrets of the stunning landscapes of Kesra and Makthar, and discover the fascinating history of the hidden gem of the Berber village in Matmata. Marvel at the magnificent Roman ruins of Sbeitla and the holy city of Kairouan, and explore the world-famous amphitheater in El Jem.


This is a journey that takes you to experience the rich culture and mystery of Tunisia. You'll discover hidden treasures that most tourists never get to see while exploring and hiking through the country.


Day 1: Tunis - Zaghouan

Embark on a journey to the peaceful town of Zaghouan, where shimmering wheat fields and olive groves will greet you as you hike through the northern side of the Tunisian Dorsal Mountains. Indulge in a pampering experience like no other at the first ecological farm in Tunisia, where a massage and Tunisian Hammam await you. Enjoy a delectable lunch in the vibrant medina of Zaghouan, before exploring the ancient ruins of Uthina

Day 3: Tunis  - Makthar - Kesra Berber Village - Kairouan the holy city

Hike through the scenic countryside of Kesra and Makthar and immerse yourself in the local culture. the day end in the holy city of Kairouan 

Day 5: Tamazret - Tozeur 

Experience the vibrant Berber culture on your journey from Tamazret to Tozeur. Explore a Troglodyte dwelling and meet a local Berber family. Enjoy free time for hiking and immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of the Berber village of Matmata before continuing your journey to Tozeur.

Day 2: Tunis - Boukornine - Hammamet - Tunis 

Explore the natural beauty of Boukornine National Park with panoramic views of Tunis on this 3-hour hike. Then, indulge in a delicious lunch in Hammamet and discover the colorful medina by the sea before

Day 4: Kairouan - Sousse - El Jem - Matmata - Tamzret

Explore the wonders of Islamic architecture with visits to the Great Mosque and the Mausoleum of the Barber, followed by a trip to the historic city of Sousse to visit the museum, Ribat and medina. Discover the impressive amphitheatre of El Jem before heading to the picturesque berber village of Matmata 

Day 6: Tozeur - Tunis

Explore the breathtaking Sidi Bouhlel canyon and the stunning Atlas Mountain oasis of Chebika on this itinerary. After hiking through these natural wonders, you'll learn about the production of dates at the Eden Palm open-air museum and enjoy a delicious lunch at the unique Eden Palm oasis before heading back to Tunis.

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