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Private Guided Tours

Amazing Tunisia

El Jem Amphitheatre.jpeg
The best of Tunisia's rich culture, history and natural beauty with an immersive private tour.
7 days 

From 790 € 
Private Tour - Fully c

Desert & Sea Splendor

Discover the Beauty of Tunisia with Desert & Sea Splendor - A Journey of Stunning Beaches, Majestic Deserts, and Rich History
8 days 

From 1200 € 
Private Tour - Fully c

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Dougga 1.jpg
Embark on a journey through time: the best of Tunisian history tour through UNESCO World Heritage Sites
6 days 

From 650 € 
Private Tour - Fully c

Eat Like a Local

Pepper red
Discover Tunisia: A culinary and cultural journey through history
7 days 

From 890 € 
Private Tour - Fully c

Christian Tunisia

Take a journey through the steps of Saint Augustin, Saint Cryptian, and Tertulian to discover Tunisia's rich christian heritage
7 days 

From 700 € 
Private Tour - Fully c

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Why Xperience Tunisia

Local experts

We have in-depth knowledge of all attractions, undiscovered gems, and the local way of life. You will have access to special places that are not open to the general public.


 We collaborate with you to customize your tour based on your preferences, availability, and financial constraints. You'll receive a special experience that satisfies your needs.

Premium Services

For your comfort and enjoyment, we provide top-notch options for lodging, dining, and transportation. You'll experience the entire process as a VIP.


Our first priority is keeping you safe. Our trips are meticulously planned and carried out, and they include licensed local guides and staff to guarantee your safety.

Camilla Jones


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